Who said you can’t?

As kids we can do anything. We think we can fly from a tree limb with nothing but a bath towel for a Superman cape. If the fitted sheets are on the clothes line,we might even use one as a parachute to jump off the roof of the house. We can run faster than any car to goes by, and throw a baseball mile. As kids… But as we grow up reality sets in. I mean those things are realistic anymore. We’re told “you can’t do that!” “You’ll never make a living at that!” “Girls don’t race cars.”

We trade our dreams for a job and a mortgage. We sell our visions for two weeks of paid vacation. We surrender our hopes at the door to universities and grad school. Some of us are just too smart to dream. Right? Some of us are just too scared.

Along the way I wandered. I was a firefighter for five years in the Air Force, I was in advertising sales and marketing. I worked in restaurants, print shops, washed cars, mowed lawns and almost anything I could think of to make money, but those were not my passion they were just to pay bills.

Have you encountered as many people as I have who lament the absence of having lived out their childhood dreams? Are you one of those people? Can you think of a dream that once meant the world to you? but you let go, swept under the rug, hid it in the closet?

Why don’t we live our dreams?

There are a dozen reasons why we don’t live out the dreams of our youth. Here are a few you might recognize.

Perhaps you had a peg moment or a dream thief in your life. Negative words and comments from friends and family can prevent us from even beginning the journey to our dreams.

Maybe it is something in your our own thinking: fear of failure or fear success, procrastination, self-doubt, limitations whether real or not, education or lack thereof, fear of hard work or fear of rejection

Perhaps you have never been given permission or authority to dream. As a fellow dreamer, let me give that to you now! Go dream! You have more authority to dream than anyone ever had to take your dreams away .

I am now a father of four. Because I want my kids to live their dreams, I diligently guard the words I say to them. I have made a promise to not call them losers, liars or lazy. I will never tell them that they cannot accomplish something that has a goal of greatness. One of my two sons is a spitting image of me. He is my mini me. He is destined for a short stature and a stocky build. I will be surprised if he reaches 5’9 (poor guy).

He has a passion for football and a dream to one day play for the Dallas Cowboys. His passion is more than mine ever was. He just turned twelve. Here’s what I tell him: “If the all time leading rushing record can be set by someone your size it can also be broken by someone your size. If that is your dream and your goal, I will stand behind you every step of the way and I will push you on to excellence.” He wants to go to football camp this year. I told him if he can beat me in a foot race for the 40 yard dash, I will send him to camp. He sees that as a tough goal. I say he has a great chance since I have 30 plus years on him.

Watch for the name Zachary Norris in the Pro-bowl of 2022. How’s that for a peg moment?

I want you to dream again! What if you DID live your dream? What would that look like? Where would you be right now?

Tomorrow I will tell you the three things you need to do in order to live your dreams.

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