Burleson Business Connections Wednesday May 30th

Good afternoon Loren,

I am very excited you are speaking at our group this Wednesday morning. I met you at Kennedale when you came and spoke at the Chamber Luncheon. I enjoyed your talk so much and am looking forward to hearing it again. I know there is a lot more I can glean from it. I also purchased your book Live A More Excellent Life . I could not seem to find the time to read all the book until this weekend. Wow! What an excellent book. Thank you for writing it and sharing it with the world, not keeping to yourself. There is so much good advice in it. I told my 17 yr old grandson today that I would be sending the book to him. It is my hope that he will not only read it, but will study the information and apply it to his life. He is a great kid with so many possibilities in life. Your book not only speaks to those of us in sales, but it has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom for young adults starting out on their life journey. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to write the book and sharing it.

See you Wednesday!


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