What has the power to impact 120 mentors, 300 teachers, 2,500 students?

Live A More Excellent Life has been used to mentor students since 2012.

Endorsement from teachers, educators and leaders speak volumes about the impact of the content of Live A More Excellent Life.


“Loren and I have partnered for several years to help others in their quest for excellence. In this book, Loren takes the experience from those face-to-face encounters

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Learn to R.O.A.R for free at EDG theater.  

Whether you speak to thousands of people at a time, or less than a dozen people per year, your communication skills can be improved.

  • Bring the power of World Class Storyteller J Loren Norris to your everyday communications.
  • Learn how every incident in your life can be used to impact your communication
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Mission trip to Brazil. 

In a few short weeks, I will partnering with a ministry called Global Advance based in Dallas, Texas. Global Advance exists to bring training and resources to pastors and businesspeople in developing nations. 


 Our team of 4 people will lead two conferences that are each 2 day events of teaching,… Read the rest

Five hard realities about teenaged sons of single mothers. 

For single mothers, raising teenaged boys is possibly the toughest job on earth.


There are single mothers all over the US and the world who are raising young men the best they know how, with limited resources, limited time, strained hearts and shattered dreams. These mothers fight against video games,… Read the rest