If your target market is teens or parents of teens…

I have a chance to place these books in the hands of students all across America. 
If your target market is teens or parents of teens, and you can sponsor 1,000 or more I can discount the price and offer significant business exposure as well.
This book is solid, principal experience based leadership… Read the rest

{Video} Are you fishing for new opportunities?

Dependence is the hardest lesson for a leader to learn.

Are you fishing for new opportunities?

No leader leads alone, if they portend to, they are foolishly deceived.

Too many times leaders, parents and teachers have reached a point of success which convinces them of their own competence. This self sufficient belief in our own accomplishments robs us… Read the rest

{Video} Successful leaders guard relationships.

“There is no worse enemy than a good friend gone bad.” J Loren Norris

Leaders need to know how to protect their relationships. When you create issues by jealousy, manipulation and unfair treatment, there will always be a price to pay. Broken hearts and broken dreams seek vengeance. … Read the rest

Goals for 2017 – don’t be derailed by ambition. 

When it comes to planning for 2017, you might be a bit late already, but here are some insights from Pastor Sion Alford that could really jump start your view point on goals, ambitions and aspirations for your vision in this bright new year. 

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