Leadership coach overcomes pornography and keeps marriage over two decades.

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My wife and I have survived 22 years of marriage, the first ten of which was plagued by the issues of my addiction. We will tell you how God did it!!


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Would a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach… Read the rest

Way of Escape 

Way of Escape 

EXCERPT from 5 Battle Strategies of a Victorious Warrior by J Loren Norris. 

“One of the greatest promises of God’s Word is the promise to never leave or forsake us. Next, I believe is the promise to always leave us a “way out.” You must learn to identify… Read the rest

Excerpt from 5 Battle Strategies

“Video after horrifying video senseless fights are filmed with cell phones and shared with the world. The lack of respect for humanity, the lack of human compassion and the senseless acts of violence do not tell a good story of the condition of the human heart. The only thing worse… Read the rest

Leading Leaders: Waging War For Families – ministry conference

FREE EVENT for ministry leaders, volunteers and families in crisis.

Leading Leaders: Waging War for Families.


Before he was the “Austin Strangler” – he was a local worship pastor…

The family is under attack! But I don’t need to tell you that. You already know. Many men of the church worldwide are spiritually powerlessRead the rest