Bearing the Gift of Love

The Christmas Tree

By J Loren Norris 1995

On that night the wind blew cold, the sky was mostly dark and the traffic was unbelievable. Much time had been spent contemplating this day and it’s coming. The family was not prepared for the coming season. The gathering at hand was one of grandeur, and had the attention of the entire world. But right here in this little town, this little place, in the life of this little family, tonight was like no other. Surely they enjoyed the festivities of all that was happening. Surely they were not unaware of their surroundings. Surely they looked to tomorrow as did everyone else. For now, though, their world would come to a screeching halt as they were to be a part of the changing of all history.

In this home, a gift was given to all who were there. In this quiet little place, time stood still as the onlookers watched the unwrapping of a gift that was promised long ago. Here among the most humble of people a King was born. He was a special king, one who was given as a gift to the world. Not like any other king ever born, not unlike any other child ever born. His frail cry was the mark of his first breath, the look in his mother’s eyes, the tears on his father’s cheek and the joy of those who stood in wonder, framed a moment that history cannot ignore.

From here, the journey would be long. From here, the dreams would be revealed then buried. From here, the time would be short. This was to some the very beginning of a precious little life, but for one it was the beginning of the end. This little child came in a peaceful way, in a humble setting, in a mysterious irony. This little child entered the world only known by those who were present for his birth, but he left this world as an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of millions.

On the journey, He healed many. On the way, He changed history. On the hill of Mt. Calvary, he died. He was a gift from Heaven. His Father, God Almighty was willing to give him to you as a gift of love. He is your gift of salvation, your hope, your tender mercy displayed. God himself was solely responsible for putting Jesus on the cross. It was His decision because He knew there was no other way that men might be saved.

Jesus prayed in the garden that God would change His mind, but I am convinced that once Jesus knew the need of His own death on the cross, the compassion that filled His heart for you and me would have led Him. Had the Roman soldiers not done it, I believe, that in love, Jesus would have nailed Himself to the first Christmas tree.

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