I live to engineer new or modified attitudes from the elementary school to the executive board room. I entertain, speak, coach, train and write on the four key attitudes of success: Excellence, expectation, appreciation and insuperability. These attitudes are the drivers behind great leadership, clear and compelling vision and influential communication skills.

“I am a firm believer in life long learning and leadership training, that’s why after a ten year career in corporate sales and marketing and five years coaching the Dale Carnegie Course, I joined forces with Dr. John C. Maxwell. I became a Founders Circle Member of the John Maxwell Team in August 2011.” J Loren Norris


”Everything rises and falls on leadership.” One key to leadership that is often overlooked is this: it all begins with self leadership – mastery of your own life habits and behavioral choices and that begins with attitude. If you can master those, you can lead others and live a more excellent life, if not you may just be taking a hike.

Without vision people perish. Without vision, we seem to be lost, mind numb robots following the herd into the abyss that is everyday life. We do not live intentionally without a vision for our future. We do not live passionately without a vision for our future. We do not live productively without a vision for our future. We certainly cannot lead without a vision for our future and a vision for the future of those we lead. What is your attitude toward vision?

“How you see you determines your future. What is your vision of success?” J Loren Norris

Communication because “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” From the mail room to the board room, effective communication in front of a group is a required skill that must be learned, practiced and mastered. After speaking as a sales and marketing professional for more than 20 years, I realize that good communication is an essential key to sales. It is also an essential key to management, leadership and success in general. All of the accumulated knowledge, hard earned experience and raw talent is not enough. You must be able to communicate to succeed.

As an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years, I realized that communication permeates every element of business. But even in the entertainment industry, there are people who have risen to the level of their lid in business because their communication skills are still lacking.

How I do what I do
The primary goal of Attitude Engineering is accomplished through many varying and often unexpected tools. Through keynote speaking, leadership training, mastermind groups and coaching, I lead people to a better quality of life in their work place, family and personal life. I help them to reshape their mindset, increase their knowledge base and grow their awareness. I conduct workshops that allow immediate feedback on the practices taught and deeper explanation of the principles recommended.

Since 1996 I have incorporated stories, interactive dances, participant on stage presentations as well as karaoke and game show style activities to engage the crowd in the learning experience rather than to simply lecture. I have used these training methods for crowds from elementary schools to board rooms. For one client we planned a board meeting with Rockband and Guitar Hero as team building tools for executive leadership. For Pepsi we included a karaoke contest as the final event of a week of training, team building and sales awards.


“Loren performs very credibly as a John Maxwell speaker, trainer and coach, facilitating leadership training focused on personal and organizational leadership, personal development, and advanced communication skills during regularly scheduled leadership power lunches. These forums bring together a diverse group of shakers and movers from a broad spectrum of professional communities of interest with varied leadership insights and experiences. I directly attribute my seamless transition from a military career of 29 years into the private sector working as a project manager for an exceptional employer (Southwest Airlines) to Loren and his program. He has done a noteworthy job in preparing and presenting a first-rate program, and in identifying other quality presenters that he very ably mentors and develops as public speakers.”
Doug Turlip ~ Project Manager, Maintenance and Engineering Department at Southwest Airlines —

“I’ve read the books, attended workshops/seminars, viewed the webex’s, listened to the conference calls – they have all had some good points however, most of the info “works” for about three days. Five months ago, I attended a six-week workshop that Loren facilitated and – I am still applying and sharing what I learned. To me, that says, “Loren is effective.””
Judy Parris ~ Agent at New York Life Insurance Company —

“I first met Loren 15 years ago when I was a small publisher and he was managing a print shop. His genius, hustle, fairness, and client-centered attitude won my business — and my friendship. I ended up hiring him for a startup, and found him to be even more capable and loyal than I expected. Over the years, I’ve known him to be honest, creative, entrepreneurial, hard-working, inspirational, exceptionally articulate, and always willing to give and serve. Loren is the real deal — a rare breed — and tops in my book.”
Mike Arnold MBA ~ Author, speaker, International Business Consultant –

“J. Loren Norris is a knowledgeable, energetic, and clear communicator who takes leadership development to a new level. Loren has spoken to City Life Center’s interns, City Life Center’s Marketplace Church, and I’m continuing to book him for other leadership growth events in the future. He’ll most certainly challenge you to move out of the box you’re living in!”
Tim Woody ~ Lead Pastor at City Life Center —

“I would like to take this time to recommend Loren Norris, as a business coach and motivational speaker. I’ve known Loren through various networking and leadership groups that we both attend and he has helped me grow my business, as well as finding new ways to think about providing solutions to others. Loren is always willing to lend a hand to whatever you are working on, in order to help you reach your goals. He is extremely helpful and very insightful at looking at different ways to accomplish the tasks at hand. I learn a great deal from Loren, each time I am around him as he shares his vision with others. He is an outstanding leader and guide.”
Jay Davis ~ Owner at Jay Davis Aviation Photography —


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