Attention is a natural resource

Does your focus need more focus?

Have you ever missed an exit on the highway? Forgotten your cell phone when leaving somewhere? Left the child seat on the roof of the car as you backed out of the driveway? (I have seen that, not done it). If you answered yes to any of those you are not alone.

Barring the many medical maladies that can limit your ability to focus or remember the finer details, it is often simply a matter of allowing your mind to wander. Perhaps you get into the song on the radio, start jammin’ out and realize you missed your exit two verses ago. Maybe you were so concerned about getting to the office before the donuts were gone that you forgot the report you stayed up all night to finish laying on the kitchen counter. I refuse to speculate what might be going through your mind that allows you to drive off with your kid on the roof of your car. But I can tell you my wife and I got into a shouting match many years ago and she was in such a hurry to “escape” that she backed her car into mine in the driveway.

Things happen, but of all the things we have to pay in life, the electric bill, the cell phone bill, the mortgage, the auto insurance, the least expensive to pay and yet most costly to not pay is attention.

When your focus is directed like a laser, it can produce incredible results. Success at anything is in direct proportion to the amount of diligent attention you give that thing.

Remember that is true with whatever you give your attention to. If you focus on the negative events in your past, the people around you that drive you into a rage, the fact that you dislike your job or hate that green paint job on your neighbor’s house, you will find that those things take up space in your brain, suck energy out of your life and waste your time and attention.

What you pay attention to is your choice. You should pay attention to those people and matters that will get you closer to your goals and therefore closer to the fulfillment of your vision.

Stop reading for a moment. Take a serious look at your calendar, your checkbook and your journal or diary over the last week or month. What does it tell you about where you display your priorities? Does that line up with what you wrote on page #1 of your vision exercise?

When it comes to currencies, you may not have much in the bank to pass on to those you love when you leave, but you can share what you have discovered, leave them a dream, a hope and more.

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