Asking the wrong question will never get the right answer!!

Any attorney knows what any good coach knows. The quality, power and validity of the answer always lies in the quality of the question.

Watch this video to the end.

“Give a man a fine reputation to live up to, and he will.” Dale Carnegie

These kids were asked an impossible question when the question implies that one or the other doll represents good or bad, pretty or ugly, smart or dumb. The exercise itself simply perpetuates a problem.

As a society more has been done to divide, separate, and polarize the feelings, views and attitudes of racism and sexism than almost any other social tragedy.

I firmly believe that the emotional and social scars caused by this type of “analysis” is not REVEALING nearly as much as it is proposing and propagating.

The questions presuppose that there is only one correct answer. The little girl who said “neither” likely represented the thoughts of many kids and was simply the only one willing to speak up.

Teachers, parents, mentors you MUST ENCOURAGE today’s youth to look for traits of character, aspects of behavior and the internal nature of their peers. We need not perpetrate this stigma, stereotypical form of racism any longer.

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