Are your motives clear?

Do to others what you would have others do to you.

Motives are the desires, needs or emotions that cause a person to act – why we do what we do.  They are the key elements to all actions and decisions.  What we become is the result of the decisions we make daily.  Therefore, our motive really determines who we are and what we will become.  Practicing good motives means we make good decisions with the right intentions and for the right reasons.

We are all motivated by the satisfaction of our desires and are moved by our passions. Unfortunately, this may lead us to be selfish or to manipulate others for our own benefit. On some occasions, it may cause us to lie, cheat, and deceive others so we can get ahead or obtain a goal. In reality, that is deception and manipulation of the truth. If we do not judge ourselves or recognize that we are doing things with the wrong intentions, it could lead us to personal destruction.  The law of life is “we reap what we sow.”

Every time we make a decision, there are many options to choose from. Questions will come up such as “What is right?, “What is wrong?”, “What is the easy way out?”, or “What’s in it for me?”. Making decisions is not always a simple thing to do. Based upon our choices, we will assume challenges, take risks, and receive benefits or negative consequences.  It is okay to seek our own personal goals, but we must also fulfill our responsibilities and work for the good of others and our community.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could know the end results of all of our decisions? There are several things that can help guide us to a positive future. One is constantly asking ourselves “What are the motivations behind our decisions and actions?”.  Examining our own motives ensures that we make our decisions for the right reasons and not out of selfishness, ignorance or fear.  Another thing to do is to continually remind ourselves of the Golden Rule – doing to others what we would have others do to us.  Always keeping just these two things in mind will go a long way in helping us to judge our motives and do the right thing.

In every major decision, the final outcome will depend on the motivations driving our decisions.



You will reap many benefits by checking your motives before making decisions :

  1. You will be respected and trusted by others because they know you have their best interests at heart. They will be confident that they can accept what you say at face value and will not be constantly scrutinizing why you are doing something.
  2. You will be at peace with your decisions and feel good about your actions.
  3. You will experience more positive outcomes in situations and avoid negative consequences.
  4. You will add value to others and your community and that will add value to you.
  5. You will learn to read people better because you listen to their words as well as their hearts




If you are someone who practices the principle of motives, you will have these traits:

  1. You will understand that there are consequences with every decision.
  2. You will be transparent and make sure that everyone is clear about the things that are said, done and felt.
  3. Your decisions and actions will be consistent and fair.
  4. You will always strive to do the right thing and not just the “right thing for you.”
  5. You will try to look at the big picture and weigh out all possibilities and consequences before you act.

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