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Course cost: $299 per person. 

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Live A More Excellent Life workshop participants will learn to:

  • Create a compelling vision that will ignite a fiery passion
  • Master daily habits
  • Focus time, talent, treasure and attention
  • Leave the past behind
  • Remove peg moments from their life
  • Live their dreams again
  • Leave an inheritance the IRS cannot touch.
You or someone you know  could benefit from attending the Live A More Excellent Life Workshop:

There are many groups, organizations, and service companies that will help people in job transition with HOW to find a job, HOW to complete an application, HOW to conduct an interview, HOW to update your resume. We focus very little on those things.
Live A More Excellent Life Workshop is not a course on HOW to make a living, it is about WHY. Finding the motivation and the passionate fire that drives you to succeed is the heart and soul of this workshop. To reconnect you with the dreams and passions that the “work-a-day world lining someone else’s pockets” has quenched or stolen. Overcoming the obstacles that stand between you and your vision for the future are the primary aim.

Commitment: 8 hours for one day

Course cost: $299 per person. 

 Purchase Tickets Now

Sponsorships and Scholarships

If you represent a Group Leader, HR Director, Church Leadership, Chamber of Commerce or other local Civic organization that would like to host a workshop or sponsor  several people to attend discounted rates may apply. If you are an individual, please let me know if you would like to sponsor someone else to attend. Email me at

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