After writing more than 450 poems and short stories, I am taking orders on special request poetry to public.

Samples of special request poetry:

The Biggest Kid – This poem was written for a man in honor of the life he has lived. It was requested by his sister.

Destiny – This poem was written for a young girl after the untimely passing of her mother. It was requested by a cousin.

Carry On – This poem was written for a mother who has dedicated her life to nursing. It was requested by her older sister.

A Costly Life – (audio file mp3 5:49) This story was written for a group of friends who reconnected after several years. The story is fictional, but the message was to remember the power of close friendships and the impact they can have over time. The story is an original copyrighted work of J Loren Norris and read by the author. This audio file is available on CD along with 11 other pieces of poetry, one speech and one song.

Special Request Writing – The Origin

The first custom poem was an accident, the result of a confrontation with a coworker, a fireman I served with at my first base in the Air Force. We really did not even get along so well.

One day he came into the training room where I was studying and sat down across from me. He stared at me for a few minutes and finally I snapped “What do you want?” He asked, “How old are you?” “Twenty, why?” I quipped. Then a tear appeared in the corner of his eye. He said softly, “My daughter is exactly the same age, she is getting married next month and I am realizing I don’t even know her. Now I will never get that chance.” He walked away sobbing quietly.

I tried to go back to what I was doing but it really hit me hard. My father and I had the same trouble. I started scribbling something on the back of my notes. It was not planned or thought out, in fact to this day I cannot tell you what is says; not one word.  But when I was done venting, it looked like a poem. I gave it to Bill and thought nothing more of it.

A few weeks later, Bill approached me at the station with a giant grin on his face and says, “I want to show you something,” unwrapping a giant frame, probably three feet square. There it was, hand stitched in silver metallic thread on black velvet and framed in beautiful cherry wood was the poem that I had written about his daughter. “It is her wedding present from her mother and I.” he beamed, “Thank you!”

I was blown away, flattered and had no idea what to think or say, “I am glad you like it,” I muttered and walked away.

Special requests have included:

  • A thank you message to a street preacher who led a man away from drugs and gangs
  • A message of challenge to a mother to know a love greater than religion
  • A thank you for a pastor who had reconciled a marriage way past broken
  • Congratulations for a grad school graduate who had not spoken to her father in years
  • A farewell to a fallen soldier – that he never be forgotten

Request your own personalized poem or short story

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  • I will be delighted to consult and correct any spelling or misunderstandings in the final piece that is sent to you. Please make all needed changes evident in the first draft proof. Only one correction is permitted. If the piece is still not to your satisfaction one rewrite or new piece may be requested.
  • Please allow minimum 72 hours for your .pdf file to be sent via email. All written elements remain the copyright of J Loren Norris and Tell It Like It Is, Inc.
  • Due to the nature of the service and the vulnerability for multiple uses, unethical printing and copyright infringement, payment is required when service is requested and refunds will not be provided
  • If your PAYPAL ACCOUNT email does not match your normal contact email please indicate your PAYPAL address in SPECIAL INFORMATION otherwise credit may not be applied and that will delay completion of your project.
  • Clicking the link above to see the final piece you agree to respect the Copyright 2010 Tell It Like It Is, Inc, dba That Guy
  • All materials on this site are copyrighted. Use of written or audio files is prohibited without written permission from the author.
Copyright 2010 Tell It Like It Is, Inc, dba That Guy All materials on this site are copyrighted. Use of written or audio files is prohibited without written permission from the author.
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