Client and peer reviews.

“I just attended a training led by Loren Norris. I’ve been a teacher and professor for a number of years, and only thought I knew what it was to be a good teacher and communicator. Loren takes things to a whole new level! He stretched me in ways I didn’t know I could be stretched. I highly recommend Loren as a teacher of teachers!” – Paul Vickers

“J. Loren is an insightful speaker who can relate to any audience. His words inspire while giving pratical methods for anyone to reach their dreams. J. Loren will lift your group to a higher level.”Keith Boepple

“Loren was a speaker at two events I attended this past year. He is a high-energy motivational speaker who keeps the audience engaged with his interesting topics, passion, and storytelling ability. If you are looking for a motivational speaker for your next meeting, workshop or conference, you should contact Loren.”John Carroll

“Loren has a voracious appetite for learning and is humble and teachable as a student. He blends a unique combination of experience, knowledge and perceptive insight into delivering an impactful message to reach others, whether a business leader, student, or the marginalized of society. Given his passion for people, I would highly recommend Loren as a teacher, speaker, mentor, advisor or coach.” Kristi Smith Cooper

“Loren performs very credibly as a John Maxwell speaker, trainer and coach, facilitating leadership training focused on personal and organizational leadership, personal development, and advanced communication skills during regularly scheduled leadership power lunches. These forums bring together a diverse group of shakers and movers from a broad spectrum of professional communities of interest with varied leadership insights and experiences. I directly attribute my seamless transition from a military career of 29 years into the private sector working as a project manager for an exceptional employer (Southwest Airlines) to Loren and his program. He has done a noteworthy job in preparing and presenting a first-rate program, and in identifying other quality presenters that he very ably mentors and develops as public speakers.”

Doug Turlip ~ Project Manager, Maintenance and Engineering Department at Southwest Airlines

“I’ve read the books, attended workshops/seminars, viewed the webex’s, listened to the conference calls – they have all had some good points however, most of the info “works” for about three days. Five months ago, I attended a six-week workshop that Loren facilitated and – I am still applying and sharing what I learned. To me, that says, “Loren is effective.””

Judy Parris ~ Agent at New York Life Insurance Company

“I first met Loren 15 years ago when I was a small publisher and he was managing a print shop. His genius, hustle, fairness, and client-centered attitude won my business — and my friendship. I ended up hiring him for a startup, and found him to be even more capable and loyal than I expected. Over the years, I’ve known him to be honest, creative, entrepreneurial, hard-working, inspirational, exceptionally articulate, and always willing to give and serve. Loren is the real deal — a rare breed — and tops in my book.”

Mike Arnold ~ Author, speaker, consultant

“J. Loren Norris is a knowledgeable, energetic, and clear communicator who takes leadership development to a new level. Loren has spoken to City Life Center’s interns, City Life Center’s Marketplace Church, and I’m continuing to book him for other leadership growth events in the future. He’ll most certainly challenge you to move out of the box you’re living in!”

Tim Woody ~ Lead Pastor at City Life Center

“I would like to take this time to recommend Loren Norris, as a business coach and motivational speaker. I’ve known Loren through various networking and leadership groups that we both attend and he has helped me grow my business, as well as finding new ways to think about providing solutions to others.

Loren is always willing to lend a hand to whatever you are working on, in order to help you reach your goals. He is extremely helpful and very insightful at looking at different ways to accomplish the tasks at hand. I learn a great deal from Loren, each time I am around him as he shares his vision with others. He is an outstanding leader and guide.”

Jay Davis ~ Owner at Jay Davis Aviation Photography

“Thank you so much for the terrific devotional this morning, Loren – we appreciate so much your willingness to give of your time and talent to help us kick off our week. And it was a truly meaningful message, one that resonated with me and I expect it did with the others, too. I hope you’ll be willing to come back sometime next year for an encore! We welcome you as guest and presenter, at your convenience. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving – I think you’re already having one!”

Laurie Magers ~ Executive Assistant to Zig Ziglar

5.0 out of 5 stars A little book with a big impact, December 30, 2011
“It seems so many “self-help” or “motivational” writers today are full of catchy one-liners and quick-fix philosophies, yet, when you get down to it, are completely out of touch with reality. What do THEY know about real life — about MY life — about struggling to make ends meet, messy relationships and hard knocks?
Loren Norris is a man with a Master’s Degree from the school of hard knocks! What he knows, he’s learned the hard way. He’s faced seemingly insurmountable challenges, and figured out how to come through them with strength, contentment, peace and joy. That’s what makes his book REAL and PRACTICAL for you and me.
Live a More Excellent Life is a book that will speak to you, deeply and personally. The principles Loren offers will resonate with that inborn sense of truth and reason that all too often gets drowned out in the rat race of our daily lives. Do you want to live a more excellent life? Then read Live a More Excellent Life!”

“Loren is a strong communicator who was able to effectively translate complex, relevant information for both internal stake holders and external business partners at Idearc Media. Loren was a pleasure to work with and had a positive can-do attitude I really enjoyed.”

Judy Tanzer ~ SuperMedia

“I had the privilege of hearing Loren speak at a Toastmasters meeting. It was my first time to meet him. I wasn’t expecting to be moved to tears, but I was! He has a unique ability to engage the audience and effectively tell a story that captured my heart. His courage and determination are an inspiration.”
Susan Potter ACC

“I had the privilege of training and coaching Loren as an advertising media sales consultant calling on small to medium size local businesses, and then partnering with Loren in his role as a field marketing manager who built sales plans and promotions for campaigns all across the country. There are two words that best summarize Loren’s capabilities and
professional attributes.

The first word is optimism. Loren always maintains an upbeat and positive outlook when working with external clients, as well as with the sales force he supported as marketing manager. In every situation, he effectively
communicates the advantages and benefits of adopting a solution or recommendation to advance the goals of both our clients and our company. His ideas are creative, forward thinking, and focused on possibilities and rewards for executing the plan.

The second word is engaging. He is able to influence others and shape their thinking by first taking the time to listen and understand their situation, needs and goals. He then tailors the presentation of his ideas to fit the needs of his clients, delivering relevant information in a logical and easily understood manner. This was true in both a one-on-one and group setting. While nobody bats “a thousand”, Loren rarely ends a presentation without a participant saying
that’s a great idea worth implementing now. If you’re looking for someone to motivate others
to try fresh, new approaches in a business setting, Loren should be on the short list.”
National Sales Trainer – Jim Clark

“I just wanted to let you know that your devotional talk today was

probably one of the best I can remember! Thanks for coming and sharing!!

Michael Vander Werf

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