About J Loren Norris

Conference Speaker - Attitude, Leadership and Communication

J Loren Norris is an International Leadership Speaker, Vlogger and Author.

Loren is a sought after speaker and trainer for leadership, attitude and communications training.

J Loren Norris is an International Leadership Speaker, Vlogger, TV Host and Author. Loren has interviewed hundreds of business, government and ministry leaders for various radio, TV and online broadcasts. As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Loren actively trains business, government and ministry leaders in DRCongo, Brazil, Honduras and UK. Loren has trained teachers and pastors for Gateway Church, The Kings University, and entrepreneurial leadership at Brookhaven College.


Loren’s Online training has been popular in DRCongo, Belize, Ghana, Pakistan, Guyana and Canada as well. Before launching his career in television, Loren served in the US Air Force as a Fire Fighter, worked for more than 20 years in advertising sales, corporate marketing communications, field marketing and media barter for companies such as Winning Strategies, Verizon, Jobs.com and Faith & Family Magazine. Loren has been an entrepreneur most of his life.

In addition to his Daily Leadership Vlog, Loren is currently employed by IBN Television in Cedar Hill, Texas where he handles station management for KHFD 51.4, marketing for IBN and social media management for CrossTalk TV and Today With God. Also responsible for a great deal writing, Loren curates and produces four e-newsletters, one print newsletter, and 50 or more social media posts every month. Loren also writes Bible Study Materials to go along with the Today With God program to be used in dozens of countries around the world.


Loren currently hosts Meet The Messenger TV and Tell It Like It Is TV as well as co-hosting Transforming Grace with his wife Karin.

Certifications and Accomplishments

  • Certified Leadership Coach
  • Founding Partner of The John Maxwell Team
  • Dale Carnegie Coach
  • World Championship of Public Speaking Semi Finalist
  • Host of Tell It Like It Is Tv (Daily Leadership Vlog on Facebook Live, YouTube, iTunes Podcast)
  • Host of Meet The Messenger (IBNTelevision)
  • CoHost of TransformingGraceTV with Karin Norris
  • facebook.com/jlorennorris
  • www.meetthemessenger.com or www.tellitlikeitis.tv
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  • Speaker, author, mentor and seminar leader, J Loren Norris’ passion is to equip, train and mentor the next generation of leaders. Loren hosts workshops for private groups, conducts life leadership seminars and mentors students. Whether entertaining and engaging crowds of 40,000 or sharing “life lessons” with elementary students, Loren approaches every crowd with an open mind and loving heart.
  • He has an uncanny gift for storytelling and can teach you how to effectively interweave your life story into any topic, subject or big idea. Loren is a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach. For years, he has coached Dale Carnegie Courses, has trained leaders, teachers and pastors for Gateway Church, The Kings University, and entrepreneurial leadership courses at Brookhaven College.
  • In 2011, Loren finished as a semifinalist in the Toastmasters – International Speech Contest. A devoted husband, father, grandfather and friend his life-mantra is, “Nothing has the power to change your life like a word that rings forever in your heart.”
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