A Wise Sounding Answer (part 2)

Consider the motivation

I had been a Fire Fighter in the Air Force all of a month. I arrived at my first duty station Reese Airplane patch in Lubbock, Texas. I checked into the dorms and hooked up with my sponsor to show me around. Airman Bardwell and I hit it off. He was smart, dedicated and had been around for a while. When I showed up at work my first day it was training, training and more training. I was exhausted by the time 4pm rolled around. That was down time. We couldn’t leave the fire station because we were still on duty, but we could relax, work out, read or watch TV at our leisure. I was in the gym when Airman Bardwell came in and announced, “The Chief has an errand for you. We seem to be out of a couple of things we need here at the station. Take this requisition order over to the air control tower and see if they have any to spare.” There it was, clearly marked on the requisition order, 100 feet of flight line and five gallons of prop wash and I had my orders to go get them.

For what it’s worth: Flight line is the phrase used to describe the facilities that are adjacent to the runway and prop wash is the wind created by the turbulence of a spinning blade. The instructions sounded legitimate, but the motives were all about making me to be the butt of a joke.

When you speak to others, do you consider the motivation and intent of your words? Do you think ahead to how people will feel after you speak to them? Do you lash out and injure people with your words or do you speak hope and healing?

If you choose to speak words of an excellent life, you and those you speak to will have a much better chance to live a more excellent life.

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