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MISSION STATEMENT: To transform the culture one attitude at a time by engaging crowds in a party atmosphere, entertaining them and using that opportunity to influence their everyday attitudes.


Imagine learning without realizing you are learning. Imagine having fun and being influenced by ideas you may have never heard before. Imagine hearing from an absolute stranger, words like: “Way to go!” “I am proud of you!” “You are awesome!” Imagine being encouraged challenged and instructed in excellence while your body believes it is at a party.

Attitude is often the easiest thing to identify and the hardest thing to change, especially in regard to teens or in large groups. Using the passion most people have for music, love for fun and a sense of belonging we will rapidly gain their attention for a brief, unexpected delivery of new information about the Attitude of Excellence.

Before politics, religion, creed, education, demographic or socio-economic status everyone is impacted, driven, motivated and influenced by their own attitude toward their current circumstances, certain social events and personal opportunities in life. (For more on the Attitude of Excellence visit www.AttitudeEngineer.com)

WE NEED:One time needs:
1 Ton Tow Vehicle
Remodel – rehabbed of the Party Transformer (she has seen some miles and wild parties)

On going event needs:
Marketing materials, prizes to give away, labor, fuel and materials.

We have close to 20 years experience entertaining youth, plus ten years hosting corporate events and weddings, a current clean edited song list over 150,000 songs, and we have managed, DJ’d or MC’d more than 1,000 parties. We know how to move, motivate, engage and influence a crowd.
For more about us visit www.ThatGuyRocks.com and www.ThatGuySpeaks.com.

Provide entertainment for schools, churches, community events, (such as 5k runs and festivals), disaster relief efforts and other sponsored events. Each event will include a party like atmosphere of dance music, sing alongs, interactive dances and games infused with very brief high impact messages about the Attitude of Excellence. It is our intent to offer a party like learning environment FREE OF CHARGE to all audiences. With adequate sponsorship, we could provide 40 or more of these events to audiences of all sizes and schools of all ages, within 100 miles of DFW, between August 9 and December 21, 2013.

Sponsors will have key strategic exposure, interaction and involvement opportunities depending on the level of sponsorship: advertising space, product give aways, event naming rights, activity naming rights, co-branding efforts through all online, direct mail, local PR, social media and other per event promotional efforts.

Attitude of Excellence Its Time To Get An Attitude
By J Loren Norris


Attitude of Excellence presentation and training programs are design to counteract the Attitude of Entitlement and lethargy that are permeating our current culture, invading our workplaces and redefining success.

It was once said The philosophy of the class room in this generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.

If we dont get busy training our young people now to recognize the need for discipline, diligence, determination and dignity we will not recognize our country in one to two generations.

If we want to remain a great nation, we must get an ATTITUDE.

The Attitude of Excellence demands:
Discipline: The art of being self motivated, self inspired and self driven to accomplish tasks that you have been assigned and tasks that you identify as critical to success in your life.

Diligence: Focused attention to detail in every task, action, habit and attitude. Doing whatever it takes to do your very best every time. There is no shame in striving to be the very best at something or even everything you do.

Determination: A dual edged approach. First to determine what is most important to you personally, relationships, grades, college education etc. Second a driven approach to hard work and not let daily obstacles stand in the way of accomplishment.

Dignity: The underlying acknowledgement that even those who seem opposed to your choices and your goals have great value to you and to society. Showing respect for yourself in choice and words and treating others equally.

Schedule Loren for your Team by calling 214-783-9854 or visit www.jlorennorris.com.

This presentation was delivered at Everest College Graduation in April.
See video sample here: http://iaminsuperable.com/speaking/attitude-of-excellence-its-time-to-get-an-attidue/

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