A Lesson In Loyalty from “God At Work”

A Lesson In Loyalty

by J Loren Norris

October 1991

As we all know, hard lessons are never easy to learn, and they are seldom fun to learn; however rewarding they might be. Yesterday, I learned a lesson that I pray will be with me always. Some things were said that should have never been said. You know the phrase “Some things are better left unsaid;” that pretty well sums it up.

Lately, at work, I have been offered an opportunity to move up, providing one thing, that I continue to work as hard as before. Yesterday, I almost blew that opportunity in a moment of childish rage. Later in the day, my supervisor called me at home and informed me that my position would be changed as soon as he was afforded a moment with his superiors.

Quite honestly, I felt I had said nothing wrong and done nothing wrong so this was almost good news. He proceeded to voice his opinion to me just as I had voiced mine about him earlier; except he made sure I got the full straight story. He said it to my face.

Upon return to work, I found a friend who had witnessed the first conversation and all I had said and done. He let me know exactly what he saw and how he felt. He made it clear that I was wrong, maybe not in what I said, as much as the simple fact that I said anything.

I called my supervisor at home to apologize. He accepted, then apologized himself for his reactions.

He explained to me the entire scenario and it all made sense. Then, he shared these words that changed my life. He said, “After all my experience, all my college hours of studying management, and leadership school, I have found this to be true; You could do best by leaving it all in the books except one thing. No matter how good you are as a worker, or how smart you are, or how well you do and know your job, the management (leadership) needs one thing of you…loyalty. Without that loyalty a manager gets no respect and therefore has no authority.”

He made himself perfectly clear.

We hung up the phone on a good note. A good friendship had been restored and strengthened and I was awakened to see the world a little better. My friend was in the room through most of the conversation. He, being a pastor, had no need for explanation. The look on my face, the tears in my eyes, spoke loud enough.

I went into the next office and fell to my knees before God, If I had betrayed my supervisor and my loyalty to him, how much more had I betrayed Jesus? Jesus had been nothing short of loyal to me all my life. I let Him down!

As Christians, and especially in the ministry, we owe God our all. To the world, God is only what they see in us. Be as loyal to Him as He was to you at the cross. If you haven’t been loyal to the cause of the Kingdom, remember His tender, loving, forgiving, grace and mercy. Go to God with a sincere heart, repent and know that He will be loyal enough to you to forgive you. (1John 1:9)

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