Karaoke, game shows and dancing OMG!

J Loren Norris – Attitude Engineer

What I do.
Entertain, speak, coach, train and write on leadership, vision and communication skills.

How I do what I do
The primary goal of Attitude Engineering is accomplished through many varying and often unexpected tools. Through keynote speaking, leadership training, mastermind groups and coaching, I lead people to a better quality of life in their work place, family and personal life. I help them to reshape their mindset, increase their knowledge base and grow their awareness. I conduct workshops that allow immediate feedback on the practices taught and deeper explanation of the principles recommended.

Since 1996 I have incorporated stories, interactive dances, participant on stage presentations as well as karaoke and game show style activities to engage the crowd in the learning experience rather than simply lecture. I have used these training methods for crowds from elementary schools to board rooms. For one client we planned a board meeting with Rockband and Guitar Hero as team building tools for executive leadership. For Pepsi we included a karaoke contest as the final event of a week of training, team building and sales awards.

Speaking Topics and Training Services

How To Become An Attitude Engineer
Tell It Like It Is – Advanced Communication Skills
Everyone Communicates Few Connect
The Power of PDA (Public Displays of Appreciation)
Live A More Excellent Life
Put Your Dream to the Test
How to be a R.E.A.L Success
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
Becoming a Person of Influence
Leadership Gold
“Your House is ON FIRE” Leadership Communication Training

Specific services and events.

Team Building Events and training
Leadership Power Lunch – 90 minute lunch and learn
Live A More Excellent Life Workshop (9 hours)
Advanced Communications Workshop (4 hours)
Insuperable Vision Workshop (2 hours)
Master Mind Groups (10 weeks)
One to One and Group Coaching
Master of Ceremonies (Loren MC’s more than 125 events each year)


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