#2 The Law of Awareness

You must know yourself to grow yourself.  Do you know who you are? I mean who you are made to be? Do you know  your greatest strengths? If not how do you plan to focus on their growth?

If we wanted to grow tomatoes, it would require different nutrients, different amounts of water and different amounts of sunlight than if we wanted to grow yeast rolls. If you are not familiar with the make up of what you want to grow, it will certainly be hard to feed it.

Do you feed cats, dogs and children the same food at two months old? Of course not. That would be silly. But we often meet a person at a certain stage in life and expect they know what we know, have grown where we have grown and are ready for the next level.

My point is this. You cannot create a plan that allows you to grow your strengths if you assume that your need for educational development, skills training and environment are the same as everyone you know of the same age and back ground.

Spend some time getting to know you. Focus on your gifted-ness. Next focus on your greatest strengths. Finally focus on how ecstatic you are to do those things that come so naturally to you that they seem easy and fun. Now you are on your way awareness.


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