10 Key Areas of Leadership Development

Leaders fail to lead well when they lose their focus.  Take your eyes off the prize and your integrity, your leadership position, the well being of your team and your key relationships can all be in jeopardy.

Effective leaders know their strengths as well as the strengths, hopes and dreams of those they lead. Leaders who are passionate about helping others to reach their full potential, operate in their greatest strengths, and live out their hopes and dreams will develop not only followers but leaders. Exponential growth takes place when the focus remains on helping to develop others.

Leaders who begin to give in to the temptation to serve themselves with the tools, talents and resources they have access to rather than serving others soon become self-serving leaders and they will not be leaders long. So what are the 10 key areas?

Personal Growth










Whether for your own development or the development of your team, 10 Key Areas of Leadership Development is a great session to assess the level of excellence, competency and needed areas of growth. The Law of The Lid says, “An organization will never grow higher than the level of the leader.”

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“10 Key Areas of Leadership Development” – is a key note presentation as well as a 14 week leadership training preview from Leadership Gold by Dr. John C Maxwell.



J Loren Norris is an Independent Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the John Maxwell Team

Excerpted preview of facilitated training based on Leadership Gold by Dr. John C Maxwell 


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Compassionate, real and humorous, Loren impacts the lives of everyone he meets. He inspires audiences with wisdom, motivation, and hope. His story is transparent and transforming … His life is a refreshing “victim to victor story” … one that will encourage the heart of any audience. Loren frequently reminds audiences, “Regardless of your past; the mistakes you have made and what has been ‘done to you’, how you see you and the attitude you carry through life will determine your future.”

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