#1 The Law of Intentionality

Personal growth is powerful tool without which success is near impossible! Grow or die average.

Over the next 15 days we will briefly examine the 15 Laws of Self Improvement by John Maxwell.

The law of intentionality says,”personal growth does not happen by accident.” In other words, if you expect to find growth you will have to do so on purpose. Seek out and become the change you want to see in the world. Don’t wait for it to find you.

Seldom in life will a mentor or teacher hunt you down. So far not once in my life has a book climbed into my hand and insisted READ ME!

If you want knowledge, you must seek it out, ask those who have it to share it with you and consume it by your own will.

To be successful in life, by any measure you choose to apply, you must focus in the growth you need, purposefully seek out the sources of wisdom in that area and intentionally apply all you can learn to the change you want to see.

Join a club. Buy a few new books. Hire a coach or mentor. Research new areas to serve. But do not wait for self improvement to call your name, take you by the hand and escort you to success. It won’t happen.

Have a blessed day! Intentionally!

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