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Transforming stories and transforming lives through improved leadership and communications skills.

You have a story that the world needs to hear. You have a message that could transform others’ lives. You too could break even or profit from sharing your story! I would be honored to help to shorten your learning curve, to expedite your process, to save you the time and money of finding your niche’, discovering your unique message, preparing your story to be shared and perfecting your craft of sharing it. Others have spent tens of thousands of dollars and many years to find themselves still wondering and wandering. 


Through speaking, training and coaching, I am intently focused on helping others to hear THEIR story in a new way – with great hope for the future – then equipping them to live it with improved leadership and communication skills. ~ J Loren Norris

Transforming stories. Transforming lives is a process, that requires discipline, diligence and determination. 

“Professional speaker” has been a four year journey for me and required about $10,000 in classes, trainings and workshops. Don’t get me wrong, before beginning this journey, I spent 15 years in sales and marketing. I understand the power of a niche’ market. I get the Four P’s. I have been getting attention as a communicator since kindergarten and winning awards as a speaker since high school. I am a Certified Leadership Coach with the world renown and prestigious John Maxwell Team. I have coached the Dale Carnegie course, competed at the highest level with Toastmasters International, MC’d hundreds of events and lead teachings and trainings all over the world. HOWEVER, all of the tools, knowledge and training meant nothing compared to finding the gift that set me apart from the crowd. What was out about ME, that made me valuable? It was all that I have been through and what I learned along the way.  When I began to discover and share what made me uniquely me, things began to change… in me, for me and around me.

Begin the journey to transform your story and transform your life and the lives of those around you.

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What’s your story?

It is time for your to transform your story and transform lives! There are 1-1 and group opportunities to join a mentoring journey to discover the power and profit in your story.

Here is what we will discuss, brainstorm and work through.

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Learning to lead means learning to fail well.

I sat weeping on the swing, watching the children play in the park and replayed the scenes of my failure over and over in my head.

I contemplated all the ways that I could bring about my own demise. I was certain that the mistakes I had made were more than anyone would be willing to accept or understand. I was certain that if anyone knew me like I know me, they would run screaming and couldn’t possibly accept me.


Before coming to this park, I had reflected on the 1992 Olympics. The world watched as the lead runner fell on turn four and lie crying on the track as the entire field of competitors crossed the finish line without him. I had left a note for my roommate with a simple question. “How many times can a runner fall down before the race is simply over and there is no point to getting up again?”

Self-hatred screamed loudly. Self-pity had won out. The darkness that enveloped my mind and heart was overwhelming me. Hope was fading faster than the evening sun.

Without much thought, I opened to a random page in the book I was reading and looked bleary eyed at the text. I read it several times to make sure that I understood what I was reading. I flipped back and forth to see if this page really belonged here.

How could it be that in the darkest moment of my life, this random page could be the spark of hope burning like the noonday sun before my eyes?

But there it was, a reminder of the same race that had caused me to ask the question of my roommate. In my fury of failure I had related myself to only half of the story. Here on the page was the other half. It was not about that race. In fact, this story was written nearly fifty years before that fateful Olympic race. But clearly articulated in black and white it spoke of a father’s dedication and persistent love. A father who looks at his children when they have fallen and rather than scolding the fall, rejoices that they attempted to walk in the first place.

Failure in life is a given.
There is no human exempt from errors, mistakes, and failure. If we wish to experience adventure, we will face failure. If we take risks, large or small we will face failure. The question is not if, but when. The better questions is “How will we handle failure when it comes?”

Please remember these three things in light of failure.

Failure is one of the greatest teachers in the world.
Learn from it. Let your moments of failure be signs on your road of where not to go again, how not to try to so something, lesson plans for future success.

You are not alone in your failure.
Look around, others have made this same mistake or a very similar one. Make note of their mistakes as well as your own, not for comparisons sake but to escape the track of future failure. Avoiding mistakes by recognizing warning signs will be priceless in the future. Don’t let failure isolate you. Isolation will lead to desperation and possible depression. Get around people who have faced the same mistake and conquered it.

Failure is not fatal.
With a few extreme exceptions, most of us live through our mistakes. Perhaps with a bruised ego, skinned knee, damaged reputation or relationship but ultimately alive. Let’s keep it that way. The Source of forgiveness is an infinitely deep well. You will not exhaust it. You will have consequences of failure, but you will also have unlimited second chances.

Take hope. When you fail, rise again!


BTW The book was Screwtape Letters  by C. S. Lewis.

How not to be overwhelmed, overcome or passed by. Transforming your attitude.

Are you overwhelmed by circumstances? Overcome by emotions ? Has hope passed you by?

We have all been overwhelmed by trying circumstances at some point. We have all been overcome with emotions like frustration, remorse, pain, fear, anxiety, loss and heartache. We have all been passed by when opportunities for a new career, relationship or a new start was just out of reach because we could not clearly see through the tears.

When you cannot change the facts, when you are caught off guard and life sneaks up on you, what you can choose is your attitude! Chose wisely.

Insuperable is the attitude that empowers!

Click here to listen to ATTITUDE OF INSUPERABLE the newest release from the Excellent Life Series “7 Powerful Attitudes to Live A More Excellent Life”.


Not living your dream life? Kiss more toads!

A toad is anyone or anything that stands between you and what you know you were made to be. Harsh words that deemed you a failure, tough circumstances you had no control over, obstacles that test your passion and perseverance, these are all toads on the journey to your dream.

Reclaim your childhood dreams and start living them now!

  • Take back your right to dream. If you have encountered a dream thief, it’s time for righteous indignation. With a passion for all that is right in this world take hold of your dream again.

  • Determine and declare that you have more right to dream your dream than your dream thief had to take those dreams away.

  • Write down all your dreams – all that you can recall. None are too silly, too old, too large or too small, every dream from your life goes on this list. Then talk about them. “Hey Lettuce, let me tell you about my dreams.”

  • Which dreams have you actually fulfilled already?

  • Which ones are still possible?

Prepare yourself to live your dream!

If your dream was to be a doctor, get back in school! Study online, go to school at night or whatever you have to do to get educated. If your dream was to write a novel, start writing and read some novels to re-inspire you. If you’ve always wanted to be a fairytale princess… start kissing every toad that walks by until you find your Prince Charming… well you get the picture. Re-imagine your dream and act as if you’re well on your way to living it.

Finally pay the price.

You may have to stage a garage sale or take a second mortgage to get that education. Is your dream worth it? You may have to give up Grey’s Anatomy or Sports Center to find time to write a novel. Is your dream worth it? YES!

You will have to kiss a lot of toads! Put in many hours training to run a marathon or become a boxer or whatever is your dream. Living your dream is hard work. Do the hard work!

Look past that frog to the moment that your dream comes true. The frog will pale in comparison.

Communication skills training needed: “Only 29% feel leaders communicate effectively.”

Communication skills training is critical to good leadership, yet less than one third of people polled feel their leaders actually communicate effectively.

Here are four simple rules you can follow that will improve the quality of your communication significantly. One thing you will note is how all four of these rules fall on the shoulders of the leader who is communicating.


Be relevant in your communication.

We have all heard “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” If the words that are about to come out or your mouth, pen or keys will not add value to the person they are directed at, then perhaps keeping them to yourself is the best form of communication. Silence is golden when the words you are considering will land like a led ballon on the heart of the hearer. Speak with words that will build up, encourage, strengthen and make wiser the hearer. Be certain that the information you have prepared for the hearer makes sense, not to you, but to them.

Gain ownership of your material.

Trying to deliverer information that you are not familiar with before hand can lead to great confusion. I remember my first graded speech in high school speech class. I prepared and delivered a speech about the scarce number of pregnant teens who receive “parental care.” To my chagrin, while in the process of delivering the speech, I stumbled across a misspelled word in my own written outline. I had accidentally spelled parental wrong and the word became prenatal. That was not the most embarrassing part. Upon further review, my entire speech was NOT ABOUT PARENTAL CARE – The article I chose to write my content from was actually about the scarcity of PRE-NATAL care received by pregnant teens. That was humiliating. Now I know my limits, I work more diligently to know my source material, my content and my ability to comprehend and deliver that content. Leaders are responsible for the content they communicate. It is best if we speak from the depth of experience we have reached on our own course in life.

Speak with authority.

Second guessing yourself, speaking with trepidation, and weak delivery can cause significant lack of trust in followers.  Imagine the movie Braveheart when the battle was about to begin. If that speech and cry for freedom had been delivered in a quivering voice or in the form of a question, who would have rallied to the charge? Would you follow a leader to battle, to market or even across the street who questions their own ability? Would you risk your career for a maybe? Do you feel invincible when encouraged by your leaders? Do you offer that courage, will, motivation and power to your team? Do you know your stuff well enough to speak with full authority?

Be responsible to the feelings of your audience.

Are your instructions executable? Have you placed an undue burden on the hearer by the emotions created in your comments or evaluation? It is hard to motivate a team of people who do not understand your instructions because they are irrelevant. It is inspired vagary to lead a team with information, wisdom and guidance that has not been tested and proven. It is frightening to lead a team when the leader is frightened by the possible risks, rewards, outcomes, consequences and who lacks the confidence to communicate authoritatively. It is near impossible to continue to lead a team when you have broken their will, broken their hearts and left them fearful of your command. I have worked for leaders whose communication style and attitude was so demeaning, destructive and disrespectful in tone and delivery that the words they used were nothing more than a vapor of good intention. Even when they believed they were bringing a compliment or good news, no one could hear the positive words for the negative nature of the deliverer.

I often tell my clients “Communication is attitude is communication!” How you say what you say is a reflection of the who that you are. Good leaders are good communicators who are deeply concerned about the feelings of the listener as much as they are the results of the communication.


Ketchum Leadership Communications Monitor, a global study that polled 6,500 people in 13 countries.

Looking at leaders in business, government, community service, trade/labor unions and the not-for-profit sector, only 22% of those surveyed feel leaders are demonstrating effective leadership – down from 25% last year – with just 13% scoring leaders strongly on accountability when things go wrong. Additionally, less than a third (30%) believe that leadership is based on clear values and just 17% are optimistic about seeing any improvement in leadership over the coming year.

The research found that open, transparent communication is the top-ranking attribute, with 74% viewing it as very important to great leadership. Yet only 29% feel leaders communicate effectively, with a 22 point gap between expectation and delivery.

Ketchum is a leading global communications firm with operations in more than 70 countries across six continents. Ipsos is an independent market research company controlled and managed by research professionals.” SOURCED FROM

“Master The Art of Story Telling” a Gateway Church Equip Class

Master The Art of Story Telling: Communicate Your Testimony With Powerful Impact

Imagine you are asked to share a specific part of your testimony with the whole congregation. The pastor has asked that you talk about the miracle you experienced. You have five minutes on the platform in front of the whole church to speak. There will be no one else on stage, no interviewer, no prompting or slide show.How will you remember all the details that are relevant to the story? Will you leave out the details that are interesting but time consuming?

Church where J Loren Norris lead the Excellent Life Leadership Seminar in May 2014

Will you avoid the details that are simply distracting? Will you find the balance between being real and giving the enemy too much credit? Will you speak in a monotone that bores the audience to sleep even though your story is amazing? Will you dramatize your story with voice and gesture to accent specific moments without acting like a clown? Will you demonstrate congruency in your story, your life and your actions that will be remembered to God’s glory? Will you leave the audience with a plea or call to action that will bring them to a revelation knowledge of your King?

These questions will be addressed and solutions offered in “stage crafting”.

Imagine you are at the gas station. Someone at the next pump recognizes your window sticker from your church or Christian school and they say something like, “I always wondered about that church. I even thought about going, but my life has been so bad, I think the walls would cave in if I set foot in the door.”

Do you have a response? Will it be too long to tell at the gas pump? Will it connect with them and engage them enough to keep their attention? Can you tell a story from your own experience that demonstrates how you know God’s mercy is real and available to everyone? Is it the same “story” you have told a thousand times? Is it based solely on your experience? Is it also Biblically accurate? Could you change up that story in a moment’s notice if the person, audience or opportunity to share were different? Can you be brief, poignant and impactful?

These questions will be addressed and solutions offered in “story selection” and “story crafting”. 

Imagine you are in a small group of single men and women who are gathered to discuss the pain and challenges of begin  “single again”. There are many scars and memories in a group like this. There are differing levels of faith, experiences in the church, spiritual and emotional maturity, and perhaps some good ole baggage. Suddenly, the leader of the group turns to you and says something like, “Tell us about your journey as a single again believer, what has God done in your life that gives you hope and joy?”

Will you be able to speak with hope and joy even if your current circumstances are painful and lonely? Will you present a story that reveals the work of God in your personal restoration to Him? How will you speak about “how you were wounded” without implicating the other person, evoking hatred or bitterness in someone else’s heart or opening wounds for others? Can you empathize without commiserating? Can you be real and authentic without starting a pity party? Can you share your past emotions without reliving them and being trapped in them? Can you recognize the details to leave out for the sake of present company without skipping the hand of God at work?

These questions will be addressed and solutions offered in “psychology of story”.

MASTERING THE ART OF STORYTELLING: “Communicate Your Testimony With Powerful Impact”

Before the Bible was ever written, truths about God were communicated through story. Jesus used stories to reach people of various cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. When it comes to our personal story, we often don’t know where to start or how to end. This class will teach you the biblical elements and best practices for sharing your testimony in a clear, concise, and authentic way that will impact others. You’ll fully live out Scripture as you learn to overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony.


In 2011, Loren was a Toastmaster International Speech Contest finalist after competing against 35,000 contestants. He has trained under such noted speakers as Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Craig Valentine, and John Maxwell. He has coached the Dale Carnegie course for years and is a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach. Loren has made it his life’s work to study and teach the power of effective communication. He has trained leaders, pastors, and teachers. Loren is also a communication principles and practices trainer for Gateway Church.

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