Communication skills trainer and speaker J Loren Norris video montage.

Communication skills trainer and keynote speaker J Loren Norris.

Loren offers communication skills training, leadership training for personal growth and team development and public speaking courses. Through Communication Inspired Leadership Mentoring, Loren offers 65 hours of one-to-one training for members from vision development to product creation and sales.

J Loren Norris on stage with other US Military Veterans and speakers.

The following video features keynote speeches, motivational speeches for elementary and high school students and a college commencement. There are also testimonials from professional speakers, teachers and pastors.

Leadership and communication skills come together in the power of great stories.

Leadership and communication skills come together in the power of great stories.

Transforming your story into a well crafted, properly related, emotionally balanced story has significant impact and influence. Presenting it from a great platform can truly transform lives.

J Loren with John Maxwell
  • Positive, excited, cheerful and exuberant stories look to the future, they inspire! Pursue your wildest dreams with diligence and excellence. Peace and hope will be your daily companions. Health and happiness will be habits you think little about and constantly enjoy. All of these will be contagious to your customers.
  • Negative, dreadful, fearful and bleak stories will cause you to hide from your current circumstances with little to look forward in life. Depression will haunt you. Stress will hold you captive and ravage your health and peace will be like a fleeting shadow. Imagine the impact negativity will have on your team, your leadership influence and your business.
  • You have the power of CHOICE! You can choose the story lines, the characters and even the outcomes for the stories of your life. Now it is time to take control of your future. It is time to begin creative reconceptualization of your past. It is time to transform your story and transform your life.

Transform your story: 

  • Companies become more human.
  • Leaders become more clear in their vision.
  • Neighbors become more likable.
  • Mirrors become more bearable.

Transform lives:

  • Stories inform - Decisions - buying decisions, leading decisions, team work and relationship decisions, finical decisions.
  • Stories inform - Attitudes - about leadership, about sense of entitlement or excellence, about commitment
  • Stories inform - Actions/ Habits - work habits, communication habits, financial management
  • Stories inform - Behaviors - Accumulated actions and attitudes become the behavioral patterns of leaderships and relationships
  • Stories inform - Circumstances - the lives we live, the lives we are influenced by and the events we must deal with are driven first by the stories we tell ourselves and others.


Transforming stories. Transforming lives. Communication skills workshop for a private group at Gateway Church.

Communication skills workshop for a private group at Gateway Church.

The story we tell ourself, the story we tell our friends, our neighbors, our customers, and even our boss, can impact our life. These stories can affect your self esteem, your confidence, your self worth, your faith and your relationships.  When you begin to reconsider the stories and how you tell them, you recapture the power to change your own life.


When you spend time crafting and selecting just the right stories to tell, you can impact and influence everyone you know and communicate with them as well as absolute strangers.

Transforming Stories. Transforming Lives Workshop will be available to the public on July 26th. Get your tickets here.

Join us and learn to select, craft and present your life changing stories to gain influence and impact wherever you work, play or worship.



Leadership Gold by Dr. John C. Maxwell

Leadership group study lead by J Loren Norris

WHAT???? Leadership Training for only $5 a week? YUP – If you can make it out of bed and into class by 6:30 am – Diligence and discipline have great rewards!

  • Hosted by Our Country Homes located at 700 West Harwood Rd Suite G, Hurst Texas 76054
  • Study group begins Tuesday July 1st at 6:30 am.
  • This group will meet weekly.
  • Cost to attend is $5 per week.
  • All are welcome, but seating is limited.
  • Reserve your your seat by registering for all 26 weeks in advance here.
  • This group will be lead by J Loren Norris ~ Independent Certified Speaker Trainer and Coach with the John Maxwell Team.

LEADERSHIP GOLD By Dr. John C. Maxwell

“We venerate great leaders, and we have the tendency to assume their accomplishments came about regardless of the assistance they received from others. The truth, however, is that no leader would be great without the support and help of teammates. As a leader, you will never get ahead until your people are behind you.” Dr. John C Maxwell

Lessons I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Leading

Leadership Gold is Maxwell’s most personal work yet.

After nearly forty years of leading, Maxwell has mined the gold so you don’t have to. Each gold nugget is one of twenty-six chapters designed to be a six-month mentorship program. Each chapter contains detailed application exercises and a “Mentoring Moment” for leaders who desire to mentor others using the book. Gaining leadership insight is a lot like mining for gold. You don’t set out to look for dirt. You look for the nuggets. You’ll find them here.

Over the next 26 weeks this study group will discuss and apply the following principles fromLeadership Gold:

  1. If It’s Lonely at the Top, You’re Not Doing Something Right
  2. The Toughest Person to Lead is Always Yourself
  3. Defining Moments Define Your Leadership
  4. When You Get Kicked in the Rear, You Know You’re Out in Front
  5. Never Work a Day in Your Life
  6. The Best Leaders Are Listeners
  7. Get in the Zone and Stay There
  8. A Leader’s First Responsibility Is to Define Reality
  9. To See How the Leader Is Doing, Look at the People
  10. Don’t Send Your Ducks to Eagle School
  11. Keep Your Mind on the Main Thing
  12. Your Biggest Mistake Is Not Asking What Mistake You’re Making
  13. Don’t Manage Your Time – Manage Your Life
  14. Keep Learning to Keep Leading
  15. Leaders Distinguish Themselves During Tough Times
  16. People Quit People, Not Companies
  17. Experience Is Not the Best Teacher
  18. The Secret to a Good Meeting Is the Meeting Before the Meeting
  19. Be a Connector, Not Just a Climber
  20. The Choices You Make, Make You
  21. Influence Should Be Loaned but Never Given
  22. For Everything You Gain, You Give Up Something
  23. Those Who Start the Journey with you Seldom Finish With You
  24. Few Leaders Are Successful Unless a Lot of People Want Them to Be
  25. You Only Get Answers to the Questions You Ask
  26. People Will Summarize Your Life in One Sentence – Pick It Now
Date: July 22, 2014—December 30, 2014
Time: 06:30 am
Event: Leadership Gold Study group lead by Certified John Maxwell Coach J Loren Norris
Topic: Leadership Gold
Sponsor: Our Country Homes
(817) 281-3388
Venue: Our Country Homes
(817) 281-3388
Location: 700 W Harwood Rd
Hurst Texas
Registration: Click here to register.

Book subtitle ideas for re-release of Live A More Excellent Life.

Book subtitle ideas for re-release of Live A More Excellent Life.

Which one of these subtitles would cause you to be more likely to read the book?

I would love your opinions, comments and other ideas.

1. “A step by step roadmap from pain and failure to a life of hope and victory.”

2. “A field guide for those starting out and those starting over to create a fantastic life worth living.”

3. “Life lessons learned the hard way so you don’t have to.”

4. “Story after story we learn who we are when we hurt and when we fail.”

5. “Stories of a life transformed to help you transform your life”

6. “The roadmap from pain and failure to hope and victory!”

7. “Your guide from pain and failure to hope and victory!”

Mentoring turns your life’s story into impact, influence and income.

Communication Inspired Leadership Mentoring turns your life’s story into impact, influence and income.

It’s time to profit from your life’s story! This one-to-one entrepreneur mentoring program is designed to lead you from Vision Development to Profit Creation. Projects include core message and audience discovery, marketing, public speaking, writing, publishing, product and program development, social media and platform promotion.

J Loren Norris mentorship program outline .

Could you earn additional income from sharing your story in the right place at the right time?  95% of the quality of your life has to do with the story you are telling.