Improved leadership and communications skills.

Transforming stories and transforming lives through improved leadership and communications skills.

You have a story that the world needs to hear. You have a message that could transform others’ lives. You too could break even or profit from sharing your story! I would be honored to help to shorten your learning curve, to expedite your process, to save you the time and money of finding your niche’, discovering your unique message, preparing your story to be shared and perfecting your craft of sharing it. Others have spent tens of thousands of dollars and many years to find themselves still wondering and wandering. 


Through speaking, training and coaching, I am intently focused on helping others to hear THEIR story in a new way – with great hope for the future – then equipping them to live it with improved leadership and communication skills. ~ J Loren Norris

Transforming stories. Transforming lives is a process, that requires discipline, diligence and determination. 

“Professional speaker” has been a four year journey for me and required about $10,000 in classes, trainings and workshops. Don’t get me wrong, before beginning this journey, I spent 15 years in sales and marketing. I understand the power of a niche’ market. I get the Four P’s. I have been getting attention as a communicator since kindergarten and winning awards as a speaker since high school. I am a Certified Leadership Coach with the world renown and prestigious John Maxwell Team. I have coached the Dale Carnegie course, competed at the highest level with Toastmasters International, MC’d hundreds of events and lead teachings and trainings all over the world. HOWEVER, all of the tools, knowledge and training meant nothing compared to finding the gift that set me apart from the crowd. What was out about ME, that made me valuable? It was all that I have been through and what I learned along the way.  When I began to discover and share what made me uniquely me, things began to change… in me, for me and around me.

Begin the journey to transform your story and transform your life and the lives of those around you.

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What’s your story?

It is time for your to transform your story and transform lives! There are 1-1 and group opportunities to join a mentoring journey to discover the power and profit in your story.

Here is what we will discuss, brainstorm and work through.

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Communicate Your Testimony With Powerful Impact

20140516-221512.jpgMaster The Art of Story Telling: Communicate Your Testimony With Powerful Impact


Imagine you are at the gas station. Someone at the next pump recognizes your window sticker from your church or Christian school and they say something like, “I always wondered about that church. I even thought about going, but my life has been so bad, I think the walls would cave in if I set foot in the door.”

Do you have a response? Will it be too long to tell at the gas pump?

“McCutcheon, et al (2001) give three suggestions to both sender and receiver.

To the sender, they say

1) Think: Think before you begin talking; otherwise, you will just blurt something out that makes no sense as if you are my three-year-old son.

2) Articulate: Articulate the message you do decide to communicate. Simply put, make yourself clear.

3) Watch: Finally, watch the receiver to be sure they are engaged in what you are saying. ”


Excerpt From: Tommy Merriman. “Communication Essentials.” Tommy Merriman, 2012. iBooks.

“Practise, practise, PRACTISE in speaking before an audience will tend to remove all fear of audiences, just as practise in swimming will lead to confidence and facility in the water. You must learn to speak by speaking.”

Excerpt From: J. Berg Esenwein. “The Art of Public Speaking.” iBooks.

Excerpt From: J. Berg Esenwein. “The Art of Public Speaking.”

“Public speaking is public utterance, public issuance, of the man himself; therefore the first thing both in time and in importance is that the man should be and think and feel things that are worthy of being given forth. ”

Excerpt From: J. Berg Esenwein. “The Art of Public Speaking.” iBooks.

The power of reflection to reinforce your internal communication

Transforming stories are often found in the reflection of your journal pages.

Sometimes I need a gentle reminder…”I carry within me the power to change lives. The power of words, the power of appreciation, the power of the Spirit of infinite and limitless Love. All of this lives in me. All of this is able and anxious to flow through me. All of this is my constant contribution to the world while I am in it.

reflect, write, journal with J Loren Norris

Being a gifted communicator

“The age of oratory has not passed; nor will it pass. The press, instead of displacing the orator, has given him a larger audience and enabled him to do a more extended work. As long as there are human rights to be defended; as long as there are great interests to be guarded; as long as the welfare of nations is a matter for discussion, so long will public speaking have its place.”

Excerpt From: Grenville Kleiser. “Successful Methods of Public Speaking.” iBooks.